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How to get to Kreuzlingen


Several highways lead to Kreuzlingen.

From Zurich on the A1 to Winterthur then on the A7 to Kreuzlingen.

From Stuttgart on the A81 to Singen, then on the B33 to Konstanz and Kreuzlingen.

From Austria on the A1 in the direction of St. Gallen, but at Rorschach follow the signs for Kreuzlingen.


Kreuzlingen has several train stations and stops. The train station "Kreuzlingen Hafen" is only 500m away from the Dreispitz hall. Coming from Zurich, you have to change trains at Kreuzlingen main station to get to the Hafen station. Or you can take a short walk through the Kreuzlingen shopping street to the Dreispitz hall.

Information about the trains can be found at:

Zurich International Airport (ZRH) is only 50 minutes away from Kreuzlingen. There is a train station at the airport with a direct train connection to Kreuzlingen and Konstanz. The Dreispitz Halle is only 500m away from the Kreuzlingen train station "Hafen".

Information about the trains can be found at:

Note: We do not offer a shuttle service from the airport to Kreuzlingen! The transfer by train is the fastest and cheapest option.

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